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Cheese Please!

For all you cheese lovers out there... We just added Maple Hill Creamery to our luscious list of good-for-you cheeses. What I love most about this brand, is not just the crazy and intensely smooth flavor, along with the gentle texture (especially while paired with fresh fruit or crunchy crackers!) but also the fact that it comes [...]

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Sweet, Sweet, SWEET!

Happiest Holiday wishes, from the whole Manhattan Milk Team!Wishing you the sweetest New Year, from our families to yours..Today we're discussing HONEY. Sweet, delicious, eat-by-the-spoonful, great on just about everything, straight from the bees; honey.Did you know that the flavor of your honey depends on which flower nectar (blossom honey) the honeybees collect? What we typically [...]

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Yogurt is What's UP

GUESS WHO: Creamy! Delish, and super cool. Great snack, perfect any time of day, and for all ages. So friendly when toppings are added. Packed with protein, and little sugar on it's own. Great on a spoon. Ideal for smoothies, or layered in a parfait. Texture is just right, and super digestible... You guessed it, our beloved [...]

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Golden Milk

There is a reason why golden (delicious) milk is #trending right now... It is SO creamy, delicious, smooth and packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients. I did the ultimate taste test with my 3-year-old daughter, and boy did we have a WINNER! We simply followed the recipe that came with the jar of golden milk powder, mixed it [...]

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WHOLE Milk for the Kiddies

When it comes to drinking milk, we at Manhattan Milk believe that the quality is really what matters most. When your milk comes delivered fresh to your door from our local, family-owned and operated farm Trinity Valley that does not plant any GMO crops in their farm, treats their cows lovingly with the utmost respect, and produces [...]

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Local Tastes Better, Always

Who loves cool, creamy milk? When milk comes from one farm and one family of cows, you can rest assured that the quality is exactly what you are looking for. Tasty, fresh, lick-your-lips milk. What many milk companies fail to mention is that they co-package their milk, meaning that it comes from many sources, different farms, and [...]

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Mmmmm is for Milk Mustache

Good morning!I am not sure what your household is like in the morning, but mine is HUNGRY! We gather around the fridge to see what looks the freshest and most delicious in that moment, and then agree upon something that we haven't in a while. This morning we went with pumpkin pecan oats, with oven-toasted [...]

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Milk & Cookies Salon

We are SO excited for our upcoming event on October 10th, 2016 at the Milk & Cookies Spa! This uptown event will take place in the city, at their super cute spa, which was created to spoil kids of all ages with the ultimate experience for your hair & nails. You can check out their Insta account [...]

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Straight From the Farmers' Mouth

This week I had the pleasure of connecting with one of the farmers from our local Trinity Valley Farm. Brandon Brown is one of the brawn & brains behind this beautiful, functional, eco-friendly and highly efficient dairy farm, which has been a part of his family's history and tradition for over 5 generations! Here are some [...]

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Lactose Intolerant? No Problem!

There are currently over 3 million cases per year in the US of lactose intolerance, and it is believed to be caused by a deficiency of an enzyme in the body called lactase which helps breakdown the milk components for 'easier digestion'. For those of us who are lucky enough to have never had the not-so-pleasurable [...]

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