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Who's Got a Farm?

WE DO!!We couldn't be more excited to share some fantastic news that has been in the works for quite some time now...Manhattan Milk has acquired its' own farm along with some friendly, happy cows! But not just any cows... 200+ beautiful Holstein and Brown Swiss free-roaming, grass-fed and humanely-raised cows, to be more precise. As proud [...]

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Health Benefits of Drinking Organic

Organic Milk or Conventional Milk. Does it actually make a difference? ABSOLUTELY... Here is why:New research is revealing that organic milk contains 25% less omega-6 fats and 62% more beneficial omega-3 fats than conventional milk.These beneficial omega-3's come from the grass that the cows eat! Many of the cows producing conventional milk are fed corn and grains (most [...]

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MILK Quality: Organic Vs Conventional

Hi Milk Lovers!So, I have been getting a lot of emails and questions about the specifics of milk, and why it is so important to drink organic milk and organic dairy products from local, grass-fed cows. Does it really make a difference for my body?I'd like to address a new concept that may help conceptualize [...]

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Fresh FRUIT Delivery!

Who doesn't LOVE blueberries?! Especially in the summertime, when these colorful berries are flowing throughout the markets, packed with nutritious antioxidants that protect and heal as we eat. Nature's finest medicine. These bursts of energy protect not only your brain, but also your liver and skin and trillions of other cells, which are constantly flourishing [...]

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Lunch to the Rescue!

HELP! Everyone is a little bit crazy today, with school, summer camp, newborn giggles and overall fun, sunny, super messy summer days. We are HUNGRY. Always! Sometimes a little HANGRY too...Our Little Green Gourmets meal arrived without a hitch, right on time. The surprise element is the most fun part... Today, my little one unwrapped sliders [...]

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Happy Mother's Day!

BentGo Box for Lunch: On The GoIt's warming up outside -- which means it's getting closer to the BEST time of year to be in NYC! I don't know about you and your family, but we LOVE being outside. As a matter of fact, we can't be outside enough. From the Lobster Boat, to outdoor green [...]

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Kids Lunches are BACK!

BIG SMOOCHES! From our lunch to yours: Today we are loving our turkey meatballs, couscous with peas, and soft-roasted carrots. So simple, yet so easy. My hands were full today packing for my first trip home with the two kids -- wish me LUCK!My Little Green Gourmets delivered lunch saved me today. I was WAY too busy packing [...]

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Gourmet Lunch. Happy Earth Day!

What could be more adorable, easy and enjoyable than a freshly-prepared, organic meal delivered to your home, ready to heat, that your child ACTUALLY has fun eating?!Yup. Still in PJs today, but that's OK... Sometimes it's fun to let your little ones choose what to wear, and also what to eat. Tidying up after a messy [...]

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Greens N' Eggs

I don't know about your family, but breakfast is TOP priority in our household. We LOVE starting our day out right with a hearty breakfast, one that is always different, and keeps everyone on their toes. What is your family's favorite breakfast?My toddler sure does love to eat, so it's up to me to provide [...]

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What's For Lunch? On the go + Recipe

Here is a quick and super deliciously easy and healthy lunch idea. It works wonders for kiddies AND parents too. The Tuna Melt! A classic meal, but revamped without all the grease and all the protein for full bellies. The best part is, it takes no time at all (less than 5 minutes!) to prep, [...]

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