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We LOVE Milk!

Check out our new kids on the block. Meet our Manhattan Milk homemade treats: no refined sugars added of course, since we use applesauce from local freshly-picked apples. Only the best, freshest, local and of course seasonal ingredients used for all of our new treats. Check them out at a local school near you!My daughter LOVES them [...]

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How do YOU Drink your Milk?

Sippy, sippy!My daughter asked for milk AND a straw today; how could I resist this face? Here she is flexing her muscles. After all, milk does a body good, right?! Especially when it's organic, freshly bottled, local and certainly hormone-free. We prefer to use whole milk and 2% in our household, since the omega-3 fats from [...]

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Keep this ONE piece of equipment on hand and you're set.

Fitness Tips to get your Day RoaringONE tool is all you need... to burn tons of calories!Dr Laurie's Manhattan Milk Fitness Tip Of The Day from Dr. Laurie Brodsky on Vimeo.YES -- you guessed it: a JUMP ROPE. It's small, portable and super lightweight. Pack it with you when you're headed on a trip, or [...]

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I've stepped out for a few months to bring a beautiful baby boy into the world, and now that my two kiddies have their mama back, it's time to get cookin'! With Manhattan Milk that is...Even on my most tired days, I try to take a moment to smile and take it all in. The [...]

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The Dorito Effect: Artificial Flavors Make You Lose Your Taste for Healthy Foods

Here are a couple of key points about FLAVORS and how they may affect your food choices at each meal. Grasping some of these basic concepts will help you maintain a healthy weight as you strive to look and feel your best throughout the busy week.Do you ever feel like your taste buds don’t appreciate [...]

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​What’s in YOUR Bowl for Breakfast?

Breakfast Cereal is NOT Considered Healthy (even without artificial colors and flavors)!Kellogg, the world’s largest producer of breakfast cereal, recently announced it will stop using artificial colors and flavors in its cerealand snacks by the end of 2018. Currently, ~25% of its North American cereals still contain artificial colors while about half contain artificial flavors.When [...]

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FAT 101: Which Foods to Eat, and What to Avoid..

Trans Fat, Not Saturated Fat, Raises Your Heart Disease RiskA recent large meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found no association between high levels of saturated fat in the diet and heart disease. This adds yet another to the long list of studies that back this up. Take a glimpse at some of [...]

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BEST Meals: On-the-Go!

Is your family like mine: always on the go??This year we took our daughter to Disney World for her 2nd birthday, and last year we took her when she turned 18 months old -- boy was it magical. It was hard to believe that kids of ALL ages can be so inspired by the fun, [...]

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How Much Milk does a Body Good?

My little toddler is running around all day long, expending incredible amounts of energy at a time. Not to mention, that children eat, pound per pound, 2.5 times what adults eat! I get a lot of questions about what kind, and how much milk should my toddler drink, so I'd like to share some insight below.And, [...]

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Sippy Cups = Bottle No More?

Despite the fact that my little baby girl is now a toddler running all over the place, dancing, singing, and certainly building up a never-ending appetite, she still asks for her milk. We are (not-so-easily) transitioning from bottles to sippy cups and want to ensure that she doesn't affect her natural oral development (as per [...]

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