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What's in your Vitamin?

Many of you have been inquiring as to whether or not your vitamin actually is something worthwhile or not in your daily routine. When you are spending money on something that is meant to be 'good for you', it is safe to assume that the big brands might indeed be fooling you... What I have [...]

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Baby Bottles & Bags

#TBT Walked downstairs @mercedesclubNY to find a full on photo shoot by the fire! They were selling gorgeous @itacollection bags -- My personal fave was the Lily Bag, clearly it was Lily's favorite too! #13months #lovingmymanhattanmilk #comotomo

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Keeping Hydrated, and Cool, in the Summer Heat

With temperatures quickly rising, you’re more likely to suffer from dehydration, heat-related stress and fatigue. Pure, filtered water aids in digestion, nutrient transportation, and joint lubrication, and helps regulate body temperature, which is particularly important during the hot summer months. But only about ~80% of our water intake comes from drinking. The other ~20% comes [...]

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Milk in the Morning

Isn't it nice to have a routine? We love never having to worry about which milk to buy in the store, when my eggs will arrive, which yogurts to choose. Everything is so easily hand-selected from the freshest dairy options when you place your order with us. As we slowly wake up and roll out of bed [...]

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Balancing your Kids Meals

There is so much to do when it comes to preparing healthy, satisfying meals for your whole family; it's exhausting to even think about! Grocery shopping, meal planning, size portioning, meal timing, and then there's all the different dietary and nutritional advice (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, raw, vegan, plant-based, paleo, SCD, DASH, Mediterranean, etc [...]

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Don't Scrimp on the Shrimp

Ready for our all-time favorite Little Green Gourmets lunch EVER?! OK, so they're all yummy, but this was SO MUCH FUN to eat.Albeit, we were a tad dirty/messy with all the tasty flavors smeared across our face, but it was SO incredibly worth it.Tonight we ate lunch for dinner; why not?! The portion size was perfect [...]

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What Is for Lunch?

Happy MLK Day!Hands up, it's lunch time. Btw, the more food my daughter has all over her face, the happier she is.. well, for now at least.BAKED CHICKEN CUTLET STRIPSAre kids born loving chicken tenders? Which kid do you know doesn't like them!?This meal prepared fresh by Little Green Gourmets was a HUGE hit at home. [...]

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What's in my Lunchbox?

Only 17 months old and can already distinguish 'YUMMY'! My sweet daughter can hardly wait to rip open the wrapper!! Today's LGG is so colorful and totally enticing, even for the kiddies...What's for Lunch?!GROUND GINGER CHICKEN RICE NOODLESProtein-packed lunches are our fave. This way, we are full until dinner, usually with a small piece of organic [...]

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Organic, healthy meals in a snap? We got you covered.

Lunch. Check. Dinner. Check. Snacks -- CHECK!In the mood to try something new? Home delivery food just got fresher. Little Green Gourmets now offers a few variety of foods each week, and they come ready to eat, unwrap and savor at your convenience.How good does fresh cheese ravioli (stuffed with organic beef) and sauteed broccoli sound!? [...]

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Manhattan Milk Proudly Welcomes Little Green Gourmets

Have you heard?! It's now even easier for you and your family to enjoy freshly prepared super tasty meals at the highest quality possible. Little Green Gourmets offers organic, locally sourced, seasonal produce and ingredients that you will be sure to love.Above is my daughter Lily and I enjoying LGG turkey meatballs, sweet potato and peas, [...]

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