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Just can't get enough.... MILK

We took our little angel Lily to Toronto this fall to enjoy colorful change of season, and to play outside with her family and friends before it gets too cold out. This is a pic of my sister and I outside of a local farm and park downtown Toronto, with Lily bear, sipping on her Manhattan [...]

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Marathon Runners: Love Chocolate MILK!

Are you running the NYC Marathon this coming weekend? Celebrate Halloween this year, and then get your bod ready for an incredibly hard workout with a huge glass of chocolate milk! It does a body good, tastes uber rich and creamy, especially with it's punch of protein and energy.Check out these 5 quirky marathon practices from Well+Good. @richardblais [...]

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EGGS-tatic about Eggs

Love eggs for breakfast? We do too! Eggs are packed with small amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body, including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, Vitamin E, folate, along with brain-protective choline, eye-protective antioxidants, full range of amino acids yielding high quality protein to feed growing and ever changing bodies. Plus, they [...]

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Getting Kids to Eat: Healthy Breakfast: BLUE EGGS!

You’ve heard it before, but we at Manhattan Milk will say it again: breakfast is the most important (and our favorite!) meal of the day. Breakfast has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease, and even to better performance in school. Kids who eat breakfast also may be [...]

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Picky Eaters? No Problem...

As someone who is passionate about good food and puts love, time and effort into the food that my family enjoys, I started gathering a list of useful tips that I use to keep my daughter engaged in what I like to call health-conscious eating. As the seasons change, so does our diet, and we try [...]

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A Rainbow of Risk: Food Dyes

Keeping your kids safe is a top priority. Taking a few extra moments to read through the ingredients listed on many of the foods we buy and eat will help guide your choices, as there is much to learn right on the package. Ideally you will buy foods without an ingredient list, such as a cucumber, [...]

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A Deliciously (French) Lunch Idea

Need some inspiration for a delicious lunch for those with teeny fingers? I decided to sign up for French classes with my daughter in the UWS this year to expand her ever growing vocabulary. Check out this French-inspired and really fun lunch idea from Little Passports, perfect for a picnic or lunch box. Manhattan Milk sells uber delicious [...]

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Seven Tips: Swap your Snacks this Fall!

We at Manhattan Milk sure do love to eat good food, and when it comes to snacking, we usually recommend that you enjoy a huge glass of water first (hunger is easily mistaken for thirst!), and if you're still hungry and it's not a regular meal time, choose a fresh fruit or veggie. Here are some great tips [...]

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What Time is it Mr Wolf? It's LUNCH TIME!

If you can believe it, it's that time of year again where the kids get back onto the school buses, ready to learn and play. Now that you are ready to go with some healthy food ideas for lunch, it's time for you to take a moment and consider the containers in which you pack [...]

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Keeping Healthy Post Baby

It can be tough to remember your own dietary needs when you're consumed with feeding a baby, especially if your baby is becoming a good eater and picking up the right habits starting as young as possible. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep myself fit, healthy, active while I am nursing my [...]

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