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Cheese Strings.. Yes Please!

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When your kids are starving and you need to get them some protein stat, and you don't want to turn to chips, puffs, cookies, colored fish or other quick grabs, what are some options?! Hangry kids need sustenance ASAP, and that does not mean quick fix sugary carbs, which only gets them more worked up before the crash. Healthy fats and protein rich foods are ideal choices for kids since it fills their bellies quickly, all while maintaining steady blood sugars without the spikes in insulin, which is tough for their developing pancreas. You also probably want to steer clear of foods with rough or sharp edges like chips, sugary yogurts or juices, or especially large chunks of gooey foods. 

Luckily, there are options!

Andrew & Everett makes super delicious cheeses, and we especially love their cheese strings. You can peel them, munch them and certainly eat them on the go. Plus, each one provides a whopping 8g of protein for their little tummies, for a tasty serving of healthy fat, creamy and clean protein without any added sugar. A&E are certified and renowned for their farm to table dairy, which is why we proudly deliver their products. Remember, that healthy fats are a crucial and critical part of any developing child's nervous system (BRAIN!), so be sure to include whole milk and full fat products with your kids. 

When you are feeding your kids dairy foods from grass-fed animals treated with love instead of hormones or antibiotics, the world is certainly a happier place!


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