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Chocolate Milk is a Fun, SWEET Treat!

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Life is hectic. You are constantly making important nutritional decisions for your family, so it is up to you to choose what is coming into your bellies on a weekly basis. I don't know about you, but I usually run out of groceries by day 5 but stretch it to 7 with helpful pantry items (more to come on that soon). 

This blog is dedicated to making all things in life SWEET. Being the calm in the storm, despite all of the ups and downs you experience throughout the day. This too, shall pass. Before you know it, that moment is gone. If you can just take a moment, sit back and appreciate the fact that this is what makes it all worth it. Your child's warmest, tightest, biggest hug; their sweetest little lips planting a spontaneous kiss; the restless night that turns into a huge slumber party; the meal that isn't perfect, but is good enough (especially since the other meals they ate that day were at least sorta healthy, I mean, include some form of protein, a green in there and some healthy fat).

Finding a way to make each meal SWEET is what can make 'just eating' become a beautiful, memorable experience. I don't mean literally adding coconut sugar or maple syrup to your meals, but rather putting LOVE into what you create. The more you put into what you eat, the more your body gets from it. This doesn't mean that you should put hours into your food prep, or loads of ingredients into what you plan on enjoying. But rather, whenever possible, take the time to selectively choose the items that go into your meals.

At Manhattan Milk, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate service and freshest delivery of dairy for your family that you can trust, and rely on. The love that goes into the cows who graze the green grass has been cherished by the farmers on our Trinity Valley Farm and is what makes it taste so sweet, so creamy. Enjoy!!


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