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Meatballs! With a sweet twist..

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Who loves meatballs?! WE DO! They are the perfect size, shape and texture for tiny eaters, and great for experimenting & exploratory taste buds. 

Meatballs can be made with all kinds of protein, even if it's veggie and plant-based protein. Chia seeds, quinoa, beans and hemp seeds hold things together really well, and are super tasty when packed into a tender green (think broccoli), orange (think squash, sweet potato) or other flavored non-'meat'-ball to hold. When you add your favorite spices, you simply cannot go wrong with these tender, mouth-watering bites.

Turkey is such a lean, delicious, protein-rich and light choice for meatballs that perfectly makes its way into all kinds of sauces and flavors. Little Green Gourmets is one of the ultimate home delivery services in terms of quality, taste and ease of meals. They prepare super kid-friendly meals that are always of highest-quality, most exciting (never dull!), and always filling -- I mean, check out this plate that my daughter is holding. Even the grain-side on the heat-friendly tray contains broccoli and carrots in the brown rice, and then the pineapple meatballs alongside the veggie tray filled with edamame mixed with carrot coins to add extra color, fiber, antioxidant factor and again, pieces are perfectly cut into kid-friendly sizes. Pineapples are one of the greatest sources of vitamin C, antioxidants, and they offer the sweetest touch of goodness. I don't know about your kids, but mine love a little sun-kissed sweetness. With my cooking, I prefer to use pure grade B maple syrup from Canada, local NYC or Vermont; a little goes a LONG way. We are also very into anything sweetened with coconuts, and plant-based stevia of course. I still want to grow my own stevia plant!!

We all deserve a break from cooking in the kitchen and from going out once in a while (yes, it can be super fun and special, but the getting the timing, kids' moods and scene right takes a bit of magic to make happen most of the time...). This cost-effective meal service is one of the best ways to create a sense of balance in the kitchen and in little ones' tummies. 

Bon appetit!


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