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Why we LOVE Seeds

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Need a quick protein-rich snack that is on-the-go, nut free, easy to grab, involves little to no prep, AND contains tons of healthy fats, fiber and nutrients?

Raw nuts and seeds provide some of the best quality nutrients for your system, including tons of B vitamins, omega 3 and some omega 6 fats, and minerals that have in many studies shown to benefit our metabolism (yay weight loss!) and physiology to help ward off metabolic illnesses including diabetes and obesity, along with added protection for your heart and cardiovascular system. 

Did I forget to mention that nuts and seeds can help you live longer, too?! There are some great studies out there that elaborate on how these little gems can keep your cells vital, fresh and young. Plus, the antioxidants, fats and nutrients in nuts and seeds can be beneficial for your skin, which is why they make the perfect snack that makes you feel FULL.

These little guys provide a nutritious bang for your buck, and are super easy to find, crunch, munch and enjoy. Bottom line: we need a diet that contains MORE healthy fats, including avocado, nuts and seeds, olives, coconut oil, wild caught fish... So be sure to grab a handful or two, since it's WAY too easy to overdo it.

Here are some of my favorite snacks for the house, raw and organic whenever possible, and if you have the time to sprout your nuts and seeds, simply soak them in water overnight to 'activate' them and open up their nutrient- and mineral-providing power.

  • Sunflower seeds and nut butter -- go with just about everything, especially mixed into oatmeal, or smeared onto your favorite pancake mix
  • Pumpkin seeds -- great roasted, raw and are packed with immune supportive zinc
  • Chia seeds, which we sprinkle onto every yogurt we devour, and onto fresh fruit -- SO much fiber and loaded with healthy fats
  • Hemp seeds -- be sure to store yours in the fridge to prolong their shelf-life -- super rich in nutrients, healthy fats and a crunch
  • Almonds, and almond milk of course!
  • Hazelnuts -- they are larger in size, which helps you keep the portion right
  • Pine nuts sprinkled into your salad or on a hummus and veggie wrap
  • Pecans -- awesome to bake with or in a smoothie
  • Walnuts -- make a fabulous trail mix with all of your favorites!
  • Cashews -- such a creamy texture with each bite
  • Pistachios -- blend into an ice cream if you're feeling fancy

Happy snacking,

Dr. Laurie

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