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Whole Milk: What's all the Hype about C-17?

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Which type of milk does YOUR family drink?

As a mom of two growing kids, I have shifted back and forth so many times it's hard to remember, but now in our fridge is whole organic cow's milk from our local farm, along with full-fat whole milk yogurts, butter and cheeses, and other non-dairy nut milks for fun and variety. Yes, I DID say FULL-fat whole milk, none of that skim or fat-free stuff. Grass-fed is always a bonus in terms of the additional omega 3's your body will thank you for as you age ;)

Did you know that when you take fat OUT of milk, you are left with way more of the lactose SUGAR? Why would any of us want more sugar in our diet when we are already so easily (and WAY too readily in my opinion) exposed to added sugars as it is? The answer is that we should continue to be conscious of what we put into our bodies, especially when it comes to milk. More fat, means more filling and certainly more nourishing.

You might have heard about a trending new fatty acid called C-17, which is a saturated fat that has been shown to help normalize levels of insulin and triglycerides in the blood upon ingestion. YES -- I said saturated fat HELPS clear up your system! Where is this fat found? Full fat dairy products like yogurt, milk and butter. The low fat versions of these foods DO NOT contain this special fat.

Full-fat dairy products may make you feel fuller than nonfat versions, which could cause you to eat fewer sugary foods and carbohydrates -- a very good thing. Also, drinking whole milk may be protective when the other food options you are consuming are high in calories.

To help set the stage for healthy development down the line, and reduce risk of many of the metabolic conditions running rampant in our society today, always opt for the full-fat dairy products whenever possible -- especially for growing children!

Just can't get enough! #milkn'cereal 


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