FRESH Bread... It's Lunchtime!

Now that it's back to school, let's talk lunches!

It's all about getting into a creative mindset when it comes to making the healthiest, most nutritious lunches possible, to give your kids the energy they need to play, learn and work hard. Everyday I try to make lunch fun and exciting (filled with as many colors and nutrients as possible), so my daughter is excited to EAT, then work and play even harder after lunch. Sometimes this can be a challenge though, so I have to get exploring and always make sure I have the right ingredients at home to make this meal a quick prep, then out the door.

For those of you whose kids LOVE to eat sandwiches, Manhattan Milk now offers a huge selection of straight-to-your-door delivered fresh breads to choose from, and this helps make mealtime a breeze. Whether you're into Ciabatta buns, Nutty Fruit bread, sourdoughmultigrain or whole grainy textured breads or even simple, Bialys by the dozen, rich Challah (fab for French Toast the next morning!!) or ethnic melt in your mouth M'smen, we've got you covered.

Some super savvy parents like to make their lives easier by prepping breakfast sandwiches in the freezer the night before so all you have to do in the morning is heat and eat. Others like to get all the fillers ready, depending on your kids' fave ingredients, and then smash it all together nicely before you pack it in the lunchbox. You can even freeze ready-made sandwiches in the freezer and let them thaw out that morning until it's perfectly defrosted for lunchtime (plus, it serves as an ice box while in the box too!). 

Here are some of our faves on fresh, nutty bread or rolls:

  • Mashed avocado with a pinch of pink sea salt
  • Homemade egg salad with chopped celery (simply gently boil your eggs in rolling boiled water with a dash of salt and splash of ACV for approx 15 minutes, then quickly cool, peel and mash; season with sea salt, pepper, and mayo of your choosing)
  • Grass-fed butter, with or without melted cheese
  • Sunbutter and fruity jelly
  • Turkey and avocado smear
  • Tuna melt (top with fresh tomato, spinach, red onion and voila)

What are some of your favorite lunches? We'd love to hear so feel free to share with us!

We at Manhattan Milk believe it is important to give back (plus, it makes us all feel good too). A portion of all deliveries from 9/5-9/9 go towards helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey.