What days do you deliver?

We deliver Monday-Friday.

Milk orders will be fulfilled the next day. Vegetables, fruits, and bread must be ordered by 8pm on Friday for Monday morning delivery.  

How early can you deliver?

We start early to get your delivery before dawn!

How can I ensure my milk will be cold?

All of our trucks are new and refrigerated. We also use insulated bags and cold packs upon delivery to ensure the coldness!

We do not charge for these bags, but we do need these back so we can reuse them for other clients.

Doing this helps keep cost down and allows us to keep the environment cleaner!

Who do you deliver to?

We deliver to offices, schools, and personal homes!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the following cities...

New York City: Home Delivery & Office Delivery

San Francisco: Office Delivery only

London: Office Delivery only

Los Angeles: Office Delivery only

How do I order?

You can click here to create an account with us.

If you are looking for home delivery, you can head directly to our store in the menu above.

If you are an office looking to order, you can head to our office page in the menu above.

If you are a school looking to order, you can head to our school page in the menu above.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, there is a minimum order amount of $40!

Do you offer recurring orders for your products?

Yes! When you go to buy a product from the shop page there's an option to subscribe and save, so make sure to select 'Add To Cart'.

Do you sell products other than milk?

Yes! We sell various other products such as fresh produce, coffee, and snacks! Login or create an account and see all the products we offer!

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is $20.00 and takes 1-2 days to deliver.

However, if you join our elite membership (click here to join), you have exclusive access to free next-day delivery AND free deliveries on orders over $100.

What are your terms & conditions?

All orders are final once submitted.

Customers have 1 hour to change an order or cancel it once submitted.

Products are subject to substitution depending on availability.

Memberships are final once purchased and used.

Manhattan Milk has the right to terminate all orders.

Learn more here

What other services do you provide other than delivery?

We only provide special services to offices, where we encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing more opportunities for social interactions in the office.

To learn more about and purchase these services, click here.

If I am a business, do I have to fill out the form to order products?

Nope! You only have to fill out the form if you have a large order or would be interested in our other services or a curated and personal pantry service.

If you would like to just order regular retail products, you can just head to the to our store in the menu above and add to your cart!

How do I go about ordering if I am a school?

If you are a school, you can fill out the form, so we can get to know your school more. Then you can browse through what we offer and add to your 'Shopping List,' so that we can send you a personalized proposal within 24 hours!