Available for both homes and offices in Manhattan

Available only for offices in San Francisco

Along with the freshest dairy and produce, Manhattan Milk members will receive exclusive discounts and special treatment with every order placed.


Manhattan Milk Member benefits include:

√ Priority early morning, next-day delivery (not including Sunday)

√ Exclusive Saturday morning delivery

√ Save money with free delivery on orders over $50

√ Premier access to monthly wellness workshops with Naturopathic Doctor,   Dr. Laurie Brodsky

√ Exclusive access to advanced samples on select new items

√ Complimentary elite status

√ Complimentary elite welcome pack including Manhattan Milk apparel

√ Priority access to exclusive point system: For every 500 points ($1 spent = 1 point), receive $25 credit

√ Top-class, direct one-on-one service

√ Dedicated 24-hour customer service

Annual Membership Fee: $99


Available for offices only in Manhattan, San Francisco, London, and Los


We design and create white-glove kitchen experiences and curate it with only the most flavorful, healthy food straight from the farm.


Benefits include:

√ Customized build-outs for the most efficient and beautiful kitchen space

√ Fresh produce, cut up for employees to grab and go

√ Mid-afternoon workouts and wellness events

√ Culinary experiences in-house

√ Social events to boost camaraderie among employees

Minimum Monthly Spend: $1000

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