In The Land Flowing Of MILK And HONEY...

Doesn't that sound SO nice?! Take me there, please!

Way back before our time, our people were able to recognize the purity and sacred beauty of milk and honey. The essence of these foods were to be cherished at all times; never wasted. Fast forward to today, when sipping that last drip of milk from the cereal bowl, and licking the honey off the spoon after you're done -- both part of our culture, adding just a tad more sweet to our everyday lives. 

At Manhattan Milk, you get the best of both worlds, since you're fortunate to get the freshest milk, delivered straight from our local upstate NYC farm happy cows @Trinity Valley to your doorstep, along with one of the best and newest additions to our pantry, and your shopping cart: RAW LOCAL HONEY.YUM!

We've been busy little bees seeking out the finest quality foods to add to your pantry, and Clover Honey is sure to fit right in at home. In our home, we are huge advocates of RAW honey. The kids drizzle it onto our favorite plain yogurt, I steep a just a touch into my favorite tea (right now it's antioxidant-rich and pretty pink, Pomegranate White Tea). You can try mixing raw honey into your favorite nut butter, or you can drizzle some onto your favorite avocado or sprouted toast recipe, too. It is so versatile and kid friendly (**make sure the kids are over 12 months old before consuming honey!!), but what's with all the hype about RAW honey?! Here are some of the health perks of using raw honey in your diet:

  1. -Raw honey contains bee pollen and enzyme-rich propolis, and cannot be heated, filtered or pasteurized, nor can it contain any other ingredients. This means more health benefits and 'bang for your buck', including phytonutrients, 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 impressive enzymes. You can call it a functional food, that's for sure!
  2. -Weight Management: 1 tbsp of honey contains ~64 calories, but its' glycemic load is less than one banana. This means that raw honey doesn't elicit an elevation in your insulin levels like sugar does. Raw honey also can help lower triglycerides, when compared to sugar. 
  3. -Packed with Antioxidants: great for skin, boosting your immune system, wound healing, and scavenging free radicals.
  4. -Great all-natural energy source for pre- and post-workout snacks: helps with refueling and recovery since it provides an easily absorbed supply of energy in form of liver glycogen. 
  5. -Soothes Allergies: provides natural allergy relief (think that once the bees in your neighborhood collect pollen flower to flower as you sneeze and itch away, you're consuming some of the local pollen in the local honey, providing a sensitization to this season's allergic reactions!). Works wonders.

Now it's super easy for you to get your hands on some, too. 

Have a sweet day,

Dr. Laurie