Ready. Set. LOW!

BIG News @ Manhattan Milk. Coming this June, due to popular demand and LOTS of awesome customer inquiries, we are excited to announce that we will start offering LOW-FAT versions of our totally tasty, incredibly local and outstanding quality milk from Trinity Valley Farm

Currently we offer 2% and Whole Milk versions of our creamline milk, with the frothy top (all the healthiest fats sit on top!). Feel free to mix it up well before use to distribute the flavor, OR you can easily use the creamer in your coffee, blend it into your favorite smoothie or breakfast bowl recipe, or even mix it into your morning oatmeal for a bonus creamy texture that is extra filling and satiating. Sprinkle with your favorite toppings like fresh organic berries, coconut flakes, cinnamon, chia and hemp seeds, and even a dollop of nut or seed butter for some added crunch and protein.

Why are so we pumped to start offering this to you guys?? Well, first of all, the taste of our is STILL out of this world. The cows on our Trinity Valley Farm are treated with so much love, and their milk with minimal processing to keep it as close to its' natural state as possible. When we skim out some of the fat, we give room in our own diets to incorporate some other types of healthy fats, such as from raw nuts and seeds, olives, fish, avocado, coconuts, and more. Keep in mind that the body thrives on variety, so keep your body guessing and try to offer new foods whenever possible. Low fat milk can be used just as you would any other type of milk, and keeps fresh in the fridge the same way. The grass-fed cows from our farm that produce your milk provide an added source of healthy protein, fats and even omega-3s coming from their food source, and this in turn gets into your diet. 

How does YOUR family enjoy its' milk best?? Let us know!

Utterly yours,

Dr Brodsky