Sustainability starts with our farm, where we practice no-till farming and prioritize the health of our cows. We focus on making sure our cows are treated humanely while being grass-fed, having a low-somatic cell count, and are able to roam freely.

We've done our research, so you don't have to. We visit local farms in each of our locations looking for the perfect partner to provide us with the most delicious, highest quality local fruits and vegetables.

We know our farmers and know that they grow their food with love and care. All of the farms we've chosen adhere to responsible farming practices. Our low-temperature pasteurization process, ensures that our milk is safe and doesn’t destroy enzymes needed for digestion. Rest assured that all Manhattan Milk products can be traceable to their source.


We’re not your average assortment of granny smiths, overly ripe bananas and unseasonal oranges. We take produce to a new level. Partnering with local farmers just outside of NYC, our offering of fruit and vegetables ranges from local seasonal grows to exotic finds like dragonfruit and persimmons.

We visit our partnering farms regularly to ensure that all produce being offered is grown with precision and care. We take great care to provide you with naturally grown, flavor-packed produce with the utmost health value.


Our farm is in the beautiful valley of East Homer, about 30 minutes from the city of Syracuse. Its idyllic rolling hills and valleys suggest pastures of yesteryear. In 2013, we turned a sweet corn field into a milk production facility and general store that sells local honey, maple syrup, seasonal produce, grass-fed beef, baked goods and more. Our farm is small and independent and excited to bring you our products!

We believe food comes from local farms, not far-away factories--crafted with love by people who care, and delivered with a smile to a space which inspires creativity, collaboration, and positive action. Our world is changeable; the future is sustainable.

Frank Acosta, Founder